What Is A Helpless Baby Like In The Workplace

What is a Helpless Baby?

I’ve had many people ask me to explain more in depth what each Unhappy Kid role of The Happy Kid Toolkit think, feels and acts like. We don’t just wake up each morning and consciously decide to be a Helpless Baby. No...it happens over time and becomes our defense strategy. You see, whenever we feel at the mercy of a situation or person, we automatically adopt one of three roles or defense strategies in order to protect ourselves. We move into one of these Unhappy Kid roles because we believe unhappy thoughts that cause us to react in unhappy ways. Today, let’s explore the Helpless Baby role.

Q: What is a Helpless Baby? 

A: When people move into the Helpless Baby role, it’s because they feel inadequate or unable to handle life or difficult situations well. They give up or collapse, unconsciously hoping for a rescue. They think, “I am the problem. I need help.”

Q: Can you describe how someone might act when they are in Helpless Baby?

A: When someone in Helpless Baby is confronted with a difficult situation they dislike, they will often make excuses and or feel too sick or too weak to get out of doing it for themselves. They will pretend to not know or play helpless so others will help them do it or get out of doing it all together. 

Q: Can you give us a common Helpless Baby scenario that we might see in the workplace?

A: Absolutely. I’ve actually created a short video demonstration for you.

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