Danielle Alvarez Greer, AKA "The Happy Family Coach," is the founder and owner of Happy Family Training™ and Happy Kid Toolkit™, a unique and educational model designed to help kids and adults develop healthier, happier relationships. 

As an engaging speaker, coach, teacher and trainer, Danielle never fails to entertain, provide laughter, and create an enjoyable learning environment. She not only speaks from the heart; she truly does “walk her talk.” For more than eight years, she has used Happy Family Training™ and The Happy Kid Toolkit™ in her professional life as well as at home with her husband and two young children, Sawyer and Reese.

Danielle has deep experience in creating and nurturing a safe and loving environment, using The Happy Kid Toolkit™ to teach her clients how to become “Happy (Conscious) Kids." A Board Certified Life Coach, Spiritual Coach, and Yoga Instructor, she studied directly under the tutelage of Lynne Forrest, author, psychotherapist and founder of The Reality Formula™. Danielle also has been an active Board Member of The Craniofacial Foundation of America for more than nine years, using these tools to help Craniofacial patients and family members recognize life-limiting patterns of interacting.

Danielle hopes that every client will gain the knowledge and ability to access “Happy Kid Consciousness” and to become models of what it means to change our minds to transform our world.