How to Use The Happy Kid Toolkit on The Golf Course

Golf is fun. Golf is great. Golf can make one blame their mate.”
~ Danielle Alvarez Greer, The Happy Family Coach

I know one thing is for certain; golf is hard. Golf is one of this activities that can easily be translated into how we handle every day life. Some of us may be a bit more dramatic than others (watch the video to see my own reenactment). Golf can bring one to his or her knees, aka collapsing into Helpless Baby. But it can also be an incredible and amazing story of growth, reflection and the freedom to leave the game a Happy Kid. I cannot think of a better way to demonstrate how we move around the Unhappy Kid Triangle (misery, defeat, helplessness), and how we can use The Happy Kid Toolkit to move us off and back to Reality (where there is peace). The Happy Kid Toolkit really can be used in any and every situation.

Watch the video for a few giggles. If you’d like for us to create more instructional and educational videos on how to use and apply The Happy Kid Toolkit, please be sure to comment and or send us an email