Resources for Communities

Group coaching, bible study and community wellness classes such as yoga, meditation, parenting and healthy living, are all ways to connect, be encouraged, and grow spiritually, physically and mentally. I have found that when it comes to parenting (ourselves and others), it takes a village (community).

Do you have a village? 

First Corinthians 12 says that we’re all interconnected as the body of Christ, and so it’s not possible to be free-standing, isolated entities. It’s not possible to survive without each other. We can survive and thrive in community. We have permission to be ourselves within community. We’re uniquely placed. Our role is irreplaceable and our value immeasurable. A good many of the troubles that arise in community seem to come from our brokenness and insecurity, and so much of this happens because we ultimately think we’re on our own and that we can survive that way. We can’t. When the body works together, there is enormous power to heal, restore, and renew what was sick and dying. 

Once we understand with clarity that community is vital to our spiritual survival, we can begin to celebrate the beauty of how God has woven us together as one body and how important we are to each other’s survival. Together we can participate in the abundant life Scripture describes; apart from each other we cannot. The Bible gives us our orientation to God and the baseline for living in community. It challenges our motivations and gives us the deep wisdom it takes to function as the body of Christ. 

Listed below are a few ways for you to create your own village by connecting and growing with others in your community:

Parenting with The Happy Kid Toolkit™ Workshops

What does it really mean to raise self-responsible children? As parents, we want to be effective leaders and disciplinarians. We truly want to set healthy boundaries at home for our children, but we secretly fear they won't like it. Or worse, they won't like us!

Life's Healing Choices Groups

Following the Beatitudes, this small group study series teaches the fundamental steps in recognizing and releasing hurts that keep us from finding real answers, real hope, real happiness, and enjoying God's promises.

Meditation, Prayer & Yoga Classes

Classes are being developed. Dates will be announced soon. Start your day in prayer. Meditate on His Word. Use your body, through movement and yoga, to get in touch with the unhappy stories and feelings blocking you from connecting with God.

Support Groups

Small groups for parents and or individuals to connect, heal, grow and restore the desires of our hearts. Be empowered. Be encouraged. Role play difficult parenting and or relational situations. Learn healthier ways to communicate and set boundaries. Bring peace and harmony back into your heart and home.