Parenting with The Happy Kid Toolkit™- A Workshop for Parents & Their Tweens/Teens 

What does it really mean to raise joyful, faithful and self-responsible children? 
As parents, we want to be effective leaders and disciplinarians. We truly want to set healthy boundaries at home for our tween and teen sons and daughters, but we secretly fear they won't like it. Or worse, they won't like us! We all have a limited story we believe that we pass on to our children whether we are conscious of it or not. Every family I know (including my own) experiences some level of dysfunction. We live in a fallen world. We have experienced loss. We have been hurt. We've been rejected. We have felt shame. Without tools, these painful life experiences have left us feeling at the mercy of a cruel, scary and unfair world. We think that by blaming others for our unhappiness, we will feel better. We are wrong.

How well do the members in your family relate and respond to one another when conflict arises? Does anyone in your family blame? Does anyone in your family see life's hurts, and unhappy experiences as opportunities to grow in faith, strength and build integrity? Are you quick to recognize when you are blaming? Do you do for others what they can do for themselves because you fear they won't do it right? Don't worry. You're not alone. 

Come learn how to use reality (simply what is!) to effectively look at the dysfunctional patterns, limited belief systems, defense strategies, and any unhappy feelings and behaviors that cause separation for God resulting in homes filled with disharmony, frustration, fear and helplessness.
Happy Kids make peace with reality. Reality is just the way things are right now. Reality doesn't ask us if we like it - it simply happens, for our greater good. Through life circumstances and daily events, our sons are being refined and polished into the young men they were created to be. Why would we want to get in the way of that? 

This highly interactive and experiential half-day workshop is open to parents and their tween/teen children, educators and individuals who are eager to learn a Reality based method for teaching our next generation how to be 'Happy Kids' by choice. Happy Kids are self-responsible, self-initiating, self-regulating, self-aware and willing to own their part when necessary, without the need to blame or feel shamed. We promise...your tween/teen will love it! 

*Parenting with The Happy Kid Toolkit - A Workshop for Parents and Their Tween/Teen Children.

Workshops are held 9:00AM-12:00PM

Cost: $159 per family (one, or both parents and their tween/teen children ages 10+)

3-hour workshop includes :

  • One (1) Happy Kid Toolkit
    • Included in Toolkit: Reality Mat, Character Cards, Two Posters, Player Figurines, Training Video and User Guide
  • Happy Family Training™
    • Introduction to the Happy Kid Toolkit™
    • Discover your defense strategy, role and movement around the Unhappy Kid Triangle™
    • Handouts & Materials
  • Role Playing with The Happy Kid Toolkit™
    • Opportunities to role play difficult parenting situations
    • Discover healthier ways to communicate instead
  • Discussion / Prayer / Q&A 

Parenting with The Happy Kid Toolkit™ Workshops: