In the Classroom

When we created the Happy Family Training™ program, we first tested it with our own children. Our pilot group was so successful, and the effects so powerful, that teachers began to ask for more information. As a result, we developed the Happy Kid Toolkit™—a response to the growing demand for help with attitude and behavioral challenges in the classroom. 

Happy Family Training™ provides tools to teach self-responsibility, healthy boundaries and kindness. It's not about shaming or blaming others; instead, it's about empowerment. Anyone can learn and benefit from the the Happy Family Training™ toolkit, which includes a Reality Mat©, Training Video, User Guide, Character Cards and Educational Posters. Together, these tools show kids and adults how to move off of the Unhappy Kid Triangle™.

Training for Educators + Faculty Session

This is a two-hour training session for Educators, with optional thirty-minute role-play session for students. We also offer extended multi-day sessions and more. Please contact us to discuss.

Includes one Happy Kid Toolkit purchase per session.

The two-hour session includes:

  • An educational presentation of the Reality Formula™
    • Introduction to the Reality Formula™
    • Introduction to the Reality Mat™
    • How does the Reality Formula™ work at home/in the classroom?
  • Discussion / Q&A focused on topics relevant to the school. Past sessions have included focus on the below topics:
    • Teaching self-responsibility and self-accountability to students
    • Teaching parents to say "No"
    • Confronting the "blame game"
    • Helping kids respond to peer pressure
    • Dealing with "bossy helper" parents from a faculty perspective
    • How do we really address bullying? Solutions that actually work!

Optional 30-minute role-play session for students. 

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