One-on-One Session

Parents are overwhelmed with the responsibilities of raising children. I hear from my clients all the time how frustrated they are with the meltdowns, backtalk, helpless baby antics, and sibling rivalry that takes place at home. They often harbor guilt and fears of being a "bad parent" — as if there is such a thing!

I'm Danielle Alvarez Greer, "The Happy Family Coach." I empower my clients to create clear boundaries so they can enjoy a loving, harmonious and peaceful life.

During our time together, I use The Happy Kid Toolkit™ to demonstrate how we (every single human being) create our own disharmony by believing the unhappy thoughts we think. You will have the opportunity to see how — and why — your own unhappy family and relationship dynamics play out. You'll leave each one-on-one coaching session with a set of skills and tools to use toward obtaining higher levels of happiness and satisfaction in all your experiences. 

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"We started almost a year ago. I feel that each session gives my daughter and me more 'tools' for happiness, love and respect. It's great having a coach who can demonstrate real-life examples. Especially for my 9-year-old, that's an important element, as she can often see herself from the other side. We love Danielle's positive outlook on life, great energy and warm smile and always draw on it in the weeks following each session." - Happy Mommy